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5 Reasons Why Mouth Breathing is Ruining Your Sleep Quality

If you are anything like most people, you breathe through your mouth when you sleep.

I know I used to.

But there is no reason that if you nasal breathe during the day, that you shouldn't at night too.

Mouth breathing could be the reason you are waking up tired.

Mouth breathing could also be responsible for a range of other sleep issues that you would never even consider.

Find Out The 5 Biggest Reasons Mouth Breathing is Ruining Your Sleep, and What You Can Do About it:

1. Mouth Breathing Can Affect Sleep Quality

People who breathe through their mouth at night may experience symptoms of poor sleep quality such as waking up tired and irritable, chronic fatigue, brain fog and dark circles under the eyes.

This is because breathing through the mouth during sleep can lead to snoring, sleep apnea, and fragmented sleep.

But poor sleep quality isn't the biggest issue with mouth breathing at night...

2. Mouth Breathing Can Cause Snoring

Not only is mouth breathing bad for your health and dental hygiene (we'll get to that later).

Mouth breathing could also be the cause of your snoring.

When I started mouth taping the first thing my partner noticed was that I wasn't snoring anymore.

That alone made it the best investment in my health this year.

And I'm not alone either, a number of our customers have already reported similar results.

3. Mouth Breathing Causes Dry Mouth and Dental Issues

Mouth breathing directly affects dental health by causing the drying of oral structures and the decrease of saliva production.

Saliva acts to neutralise acid in the mouth and helps to flush away bacteria.

Without saliva and its beneficial protective mechanisms, risk of decay and periodontal disease, the pathological inflammation of the gum and bone support surrounding the teeth, increases.

During sleep, mouth breathing decreases intra oral pH as compared to normal breathing.

This lowered pH can lead to erosion of tooth surfaces, increased sensitivity of the teeth to temperatures and susceptibility to tooth decay.

4. Mouth Breathing Causes Bad Breath

Mouth breathing can disrupt the natural balance of bacteria in the mouth, potentially leading to bad breath and oral infections.

If you wake up with a dry mouth, sore throat, and bad breath, chances are it's due to mouth breathing.

Mouth breathing also bypasses the natural filters in your nasal passage making it easier for bacteria and infections to reach your throat.

5. You Sleep 8 Hours Every Night

The biggest reason to tape your mouth closed while you sleep is to prevent mouth breathing.

Hopefully after reading this you don't mouth breathe during the day.

If you breathe through your mouth during exercise that's only a small amount of your breathing each day.

However, if you breathe through your mouth while sleeping then that's a full 8 hours of toxic mouth breathing every single night!

There are other reasons to tape your mouth closed while sleeping, including mouth breathing causing you to get sick more often, but those are the 5 big ones.

For me not snoring anymore was enough of a reason.

I have now been taping my mouth closed while I sleep, every night, for well over a year. I can't sleep without it. 

I no longer wake up with a stuffy nose, sore throat, and bad breath.

Well maybe that last one was a lie, but I really do sleep better, get sick less and feel better in general. 

I also don't snore anymore.

However, there was one issue. 

There wasn't a tape designed specifically for taping your mouth closed while you sleep.

Regular tape is not strong enough to stay on all night.

And tape that is strong enough to stay on all night has another issue, it hurts and can pull the skin off your lips when removing it. 

So this story is a little bit like our sleep mask.

I wanted to start sleeping better on night shift with a good sleep mask and couldn't find one on the market.

I also wanted to help other night shift workers like my wife sleep better.

So I created the best sleep mask. 

Well now after sleeping with mouth tape for over a year, and seeing first hand just how much my sleep and health have improved, I want to share it with my favourite group of people who want to improve their sleep and health - you!

So after struggling for a year to find a good tape, I created one for myself, and for others who want to tape their mouth while they sleep.

It's strong enough to stay on all night.

Porous and breathable.

And comes off without damaging your lips. 

It includes 30 easy to use strips so that you don't need scissors next to your bed.

Just peel a strip off, apply it and you are ready to sleep.

The strips are shaped perfectly to cover your mouth, but also allow you to breathe out the sides of your mouth if needed so you aren't suffocated like a hostage.

So if you are ready to stop mouth breathing and experience the benefits of mouth tape, you can check it out below:

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