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From Hate to Love

Do you hate nightshifts? Are you falling asleep and making mistakes on every shift? Are you cranky at your workmates and family from a lack of sleep? Do you feel like it's taking away from your normal routine even on your days off? Do you feel like it's taking a huge toll on your health and life?

When you first start nightshifts, and all the way until you figure out what works for you, nightshifts tend to be something you hate. They can almost ruin your life if you let them.

All of these problems have the same cause. It's not the work, the work tends to be far easier and more relaxed. It's the lack of sleep, and lack of sleep routine management.

Once you find out what works, get the right routine going and set-up everything your body needs to sleep right during the day, they become much easier, and eventually you can even start to love them.