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Bluetooth Luxury Sleep Mask
Bluetooth Luxury Sleep Mask
Bluetooth Luxury Sleep Mask
Bluetooth Luxury Sleep Mask
Bluetooth Luxury Sleep Mask
Bluetooth Luxury Sleep Mask
Bluetooth Luxury Sleep Mask
Bluetooth Luxury Sleep Mask
Bluetooth Luxury Sleep Mask
Bluetooth Luxury Sleep Mask
Bluetooth Luxury Sleep Mask
Bluetooth Luxury Sleep Mask
Bluetooth Luxury Sleep Mask
Bluetooth Luxury Sleep Mask
Bluetooth Luxury Sleep Mask

Bluetooth Luxury Sleep Mask




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Please note: Our luxury sleeping mask is carefully made in small batches and often sells out. To ensure you receive your mask as soon as possible order yours now as we are close to selling out again.

Relax, Unwind, Meditate, Sleep

Block out 100% of light and quieten your mind from distractions and noise with our luxury bluetooth sleep mask.

Why Our Bluetooth Sleep Mask is the Best

We have been selling the best sleep masks in Australia for over 5 years, and in this time have perfected the design. Our Bluetooth eye mask is no exception.

100% Blockout
Exactly the same 100% block out design as our best selling sleep mask.
High Quality Speaker
Listen to your favourite white noise, relaxing music, podcasts or sleep stories, without disturbing your partner.
Incredibly Comfortable
Exactly the same soft memory foam, smooth fabric and padded eye area as our best selling sleep mask.
Side-Sleeper Approved
Unique 4mm thin speaker encased in extra soft padding. When pressed into your pillow you won't even know it's there.
Bluetooth Connectivity
Compatible with all bluetooth phones and tablets. Listen to your favourite music from any device, and any app.
Easily Washable
Easily remove the speakers and controller for washing.

Join 10,000+ happy customers getting the best possible sleep with our luxury bluetooth sleep mask

Our luxury sleep masks have helped over 10,000 Australian night shift workers to sleep better.

Create the Perfect Sleep Environment!

If you want to have the best possible sleep, even during the day, the most important thing to do is eliminate light.

Our bluetooth sleeping mask blocks out 100% of light which helps put your body into a state where you will convert serotonin into melatonin and naturally drift off to sleep.

Our bluetooth sleep mask also had built in headphones which allow you to listen white noise, relaxing music, sleep stories or podcasts while you sleep, without disturbing your partner.

Why is This the Most Comfortable Bluetooth Sleep Mask?

We have been perfecting our sleep masks over the last 5+ years and there are a number of reasons we think ours is the most comfortable.

Super Smooth and Breathable Fabric

Other sleep masks use thick fluffy fabric which is warm sweaty and uncomfortable.

Our bluetooth sleep mask uses the same soft smooth fabric as our best selling Luxury Sleep Mask.

It is smooth, light, and most importantly thin and breathable.

Soft Memory Foam Padding

The memory foam of our eye mask shapes comfortably to your head.

We have tested a number of different foams over the years and finally settled on what we think is the perfect softness and thickness.

The mask has a soft thick foam which is super comfortable to wear, yet light on your face.

Elastic Adjustable Strap

Not everyone’s head is the same size, which is why we made the strap of our sleeping mask adjustable.

You can fit the eye mask to your head as tight or as loosely as you’d like.

The strap is also elastic so it can stretch and hold the memory foam eye mask comfortably against your face.

Contoured Eye Area Won't Touch Your Eyelids or Lashes

Our bluetooth sleep mask allows your eyes to move freely during the important R.E.M. stage of the sleep cycle.

A higher percentage of REM sleep results in a more restful sleep and better recall of the skills and data acquired in the previous 24 hours.

This also has the added benefit of not touching your eyelash extensions, helping them to last longer.

Perfect Fit 100% Blockout

Our sleep mask may look like it's the same shape as similar masks on the market, but it isn't.

We custom designed this mask to match the shape of our existing sleep mask, which is 100% blockout, and super comfortable.

4mm Padded Speakers

The unique 4mm speakers, coupled with the soft memory foam create the perfect fit and comfort.

These speakers are perfect for sleeping, even if you sleep on your side.

Designed for Long Term Daily Use

We create sleep masks for night shift workers who rely on their sleeping masks for long term daily use.

Our sleep mask is perfect for sleeping while listening to podcasts, music, sleep stories or white noise, without disturbing your partner.

It's also perfect for meditation, relaxing and just creating a peaceful environment to unwind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We think we have developed the best sleep mask for side sleepers.

I am a side sleeper and find our sleeping mask perfectly comfortable.

I wasn't sure if I was the only one, or biased, so I also asked our customers if they thought our eye mask was good for side sleepers.

We had an overwhelmingly positive response.

Here are a couple of reviews which mention how our sleep mask is great for sleeping on your side.

If you scroll to the review section at the bottom of this page you will find plenty more.

(These reviews are from genuine customers and we did not ask for them.)



A lot of female night shift workers started asking if our sleep mask would touch or damage their eyelash extensions.

We weren't sure so we asked our customers and we had an overwhelmingly positive response from them, most saying that ours is the only sleep mask they have used which doesn't touch their lash extensions. 

Here are a couple of reviews which mention how our sleep mask does not touch their lashes and helps them to last longer.

If you use the search bar on the review section at the bottom of this page and type in "eyelashes" or something similar, you will find there are plenty more.

(These reviews are from genuine customers and we did not ask for them.)  


Yes! Our eye mask can be machine washed.

You can easily remove the headphones and control unit.

We recommend hand washing it in cold water, this will be enough to get it clean but also to look after it. 

The main material used in our eye mask is a cotton and polyester blend.

The strap is elastic and velcro. The velcro is a special kind of velcro designed not to pull hair like regular velcro.

Yes! Blocking out light is the single most important factor when it comes to getting a better sleep.

We have hundreds of genuine reviews from night shift workers we have helped sleep better.

There's also hundreds more in the comments of our Facebook ads.

We do not ask or pay these people to leave these reviews and comments, they are all genuine.

We are so confident that our sleeping mask will improve your sleep that if after using our mask for you do not feel that it has improved your sleep we will give you a full refund.

Yes! You can charge the battery using the included USB cord.

Yes! Our bluetooth eye mask will connect to any bluetooth phone or tablet.

iPhone, Android etc.

You can then play music, podcasts and white noise from any app of your choice.

Calm, Spotify, Youtube etc

Yes! the controls on the front of the bluetooth sleeping mask allow you to change the song, play, pause and adjust the volume, without having to use your phone.

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