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The 5 Best Ways to Block Out Noise for Better Sleep

Welcome to week two of 7 Weeks to the Best Possible Sleep:

How to Block Out Noise for the Best Possible Sleep.

Week One is all about blocking out light - the most important factor in getting the best possible sleep.

So it’s only fitting that Week Two is all about the second most important factor in getting the best possible sleep:

Blocking Out Noise

We all know how hard it is to sleep when it is noisy. 


I’m not going to go and find a study that says it’s harder to sleep when your neighbour is mowing his lawn or someone is banging dishes around - I doubt anybody has studied that because it’s common sense. 

I’m sure we’ve all been woken up by a loud noise at some point in our lives  so let’s get straight onto the tips:

Tip One: Wear Earplugs


Surprise! We sell earplugs! And no surprises here - in my opinion they’re the best.

What do I know about earplugs?

Well I wore earplugs at work, 12 hours a day, for years.

The places I worked offer a huge selection of different earplugs. 

I tried nearly every pair on the market.


Most earplugs on the market are designed for safety. Ours are designed purely for sleeping. 

Whilst all earplugs on the market will block out much the same amount of noise - I’m going to tell you why I prefer Love Nightshift earplugs for sleeping:

  • They have no cords. This makes them comfortable to wear, even when you sleep on your side.
  • They are small. This means they fit comfortably in your ears.
  • They are soft. Perfect for sleeping comfortably on your side. 
  • The material is the highest quality we could find. It bounces back slower than any other earplugs we could find. This gives you time to properly insert the earplug into your ear before it expands and seals out noise.
  • The material is also much smoother than foam earplugs. This makes them gentler on your skin when wearing them 8 hours a night.

That’s it. Earplugs are all fairly similar, but those little differences really do make them much better for wearing while you sleep. 

If you want to try ours, a sample is included when you order a sleep mask, or you can order a pack of 30 pairs here:

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Tip 2: Soundproofing and Eliminating Noise

You can reduce noise with soundproofing.

Thicker curtains and double glazed windows are known to be more soundproof - but nobody is going to go and buy them just for that reason, so let’s move on. 

Sticking a towel under your door is an easy and free way to eliminate light and increase soundproofing.

Aside from that you’re better off focusing on eliminating noise.


Tip 3: Put your phone on airplane mode

To eliminate noise from your phone, turn on airplane mode. 

This will allow you to still use it as an alarm clock, but not receive any calls or messages while you sleep. 

Make sure you also turn the wifi off so it doesn’t receive emails or Facebook messages.

Tip 4: Turn off sources of noise

If you have a fridge or anything else in your room that makes noise - move it, cover it or turn it off. 
Consistent noise like air conditioning is unlikely to wake you up - but a fridge making a sudden noise could.

Tip 5: Try white noise 

Speaking of consistent noise. Some people find they sleep better with consistent white noise.

What is white noise?

Relaxing, consistent sounds that cover up silence or noises.

Some examples of white noise are:

  • Fans
  • Air conditioners
  • The ocean
  • Rain

You can try sleeping with white noise by playing white noise from your phone.

You can use white noise apps, white noise youtube videos or white noise songs. 

If you decide that you like it, we sell white noise machines

Our white noise machines are superior to using your phone.

The speaker is much louder, and they won’t drain your phone's battery. 

To go with the high quality speaker, our white noise machine has 30 relaxing sounds and 36 volume levels.

It also looks really good on your bedside table.

If you are someone who struggles to sleep without white noise, give our machine a try.

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Bonus tip for if you sleep in a really loud environment

If you are trying to sleep in a loud environment - like when there is construction next door, or someone snoring loudly.

What you can do is combine both products for an even better result.

Play the white noise really loud to hide the inconsistent and annoying construction or snoring.

Then also wear earplugs to reduce the volume of them so that you can sleep. 

We actually sell packs designed for this.

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This concludes week two.

We hope you can use some of these tips to help you block out noise and sleep better.


1. Wear earplugs

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2. Eliminate noise with thicker curtains and a towel under the door

3. Put your phone on airplane mode

4. Turn off noisy devices

5. Try white noise from your phone or our white noise machine

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6. Combine white noise with earplugs for the ultimate noise blocking peaceful sleep

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