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About Love Nightshift

At Love Nightshift, as our name suggests, we have learned to love night shifts, and are now on a mission to help everyone else love them a little more too.

We know first hand how hard it is to sleep on night shift and the negative effects that can have on your life.

After learning that for many reasons blocking out light is the single most important factor in getting a good sleep we decided to make the best luxury sleep mask available.

There was no sleep mask available that was designed for long term heavy duty night shift use, they were all designed as novelty gifts or as one time use travel items.

We designed our eye mask to help night shift workers, like nurses, get to sleep easier and sleep for longer. It is also perfect for travel, meditation, naps and sleeping in.

We are located in Queensland, Australia and ship our masks to night shift workers all around the world.

Join 10,000+ happy customers and get a better days sleep, with Love Nightshift.