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Why Our Sleep Mask is the Best

Blocks Out 100% of Light

If you want to have the best possible sleep, even during the day, the most important thing to do is eliminate light.

Most sleeping masks do not block out much light. So even if they may be cheaper, they are worse value for money.

The memory foam on our mask moulds comfortably to your face creating a seal to keep out all light.

The nose area of the eye mask is also shaped and has added material to make sure no light gets in.

Won't Touch Your Eyelids or Lashes

Our luxury sleep mask allows your eyes to move freely during the important R.E.M. stage of the sleep cycle.

This also has the added benefit of not touching your eyelash extensions.

A higher percentage of REM sleep results in a more restful sleep and better recall of the skills and data acquired in the previous 24 hours.

Lack of REM sleep has been shown to impair the ability to learn complex tasks. 

Comfort and Quality

Sleeping masks designed with price in mind may be ok if you only plan to use the mask once.

Our sleeping mask is made for people who rely on it daily and consider comfort and quality, not price, a priority.

It is made using quality materials making it as comfortable as possible.

It is manufactured to withstand long-term daily use. Some of our customers have been using their mask daily for well over 2 years.


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