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Our Story

When I first started working night shifts they were okay. But after a few months they really started to take their toll.

I was sleeping all day on my days off, losing weight like crazy, sick regularly and grumpy 24/7.

My relationship was suffering too.

Everybody at work had their own tips on how to manage night shifts and I tried them all with mixed results.

It wasn't until I did some research on a particularly bad day that I discovered the key to successfully managing night shifts.

I discovered that for a number of reasons blocking out light is the biggest factor in getting a good sleep.

When it is dark your body converts serotonin into melatonin, the sleep hormone.

This hormone puts your brain and body to sleep and keeps it asleep.

Then, when it is light, your body converts the melatonin back into serotonin which wakes you up.

No wonder it is so hard to sleep on night shift.

After reading this I went out in search of the best sleep mask.

To my surprise every sleep mask on the market seemed to be designed to be used once when traveling or as novelty gifts with funny words or faces on them.

They were okay though and actually did help me sleep better. They had major issues though.

They were so cheaply made, thoughtlessly designed, bad at blocking out light and itchy on my face that they really weren't worth the material they were made out of.

It was obvious the designers had put no thought into how beneficial a good sleeping mask could be for night shift workers. 

Frustrated by this and in desperate need of a better sleep, I made my own homemade sleeping mask.

The difference it made to my sleep was incredible.

After creating this sleep mask I ended up managing my shifts very successfully, much better than my coworkers who always looked like zombies on shift and complained their days off were spent recovering.

I wanted to help them but they would never do anything to help themselves, they just kept drinking energy drinks, and kept taking sleeping pills.

Then one day my wife noticed the roster for her placements had a few night shifts on it, she was nervous, she had never worked nights before and wanted to do great on her placements.

She asked me for help and I told her night shifts are easy if you manage them correctly. All you need is a good sleeping mask and some earplugs. It's true you can check the studies or see for yourself.

Unlike my coworkers, my wife wanted to help herself, she was a nurse and interested in health so was not about to ruin her body with energy drinks and sleeping pills.

I made her a mask, gave her some earplugs, and her night shifts were a breeze.

This made me realise that there were probably thousands of people out there who wanted to help themselves have a better night shift.

I remembered how hard they were when I first started and how there was nowhere to get quality sleeping masks suitable for managing night shift.

I remembered the difference my sleeping mask had made to my sleep and I wanted other people in need to help themselves and experience the improvements it makes.

That's why I founded Love Nightshift, to help people who want to help themselves to love night shifts.