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Why are Sleep Eye Masks Good for You?

You may have heard that sleep masks are good for you, but why are sleep eye masks good for you?

In this article we will give you a list of reasons why sleep eye masks are good for you. 

Sleep Eye Masks Improve Your Sleep Quality 

Melatonin is the sleep hormone in your brain, it makes you tired. When it is dark your body converts your serotonin into melatonin, helping you sleep. 

When you are exposed to light, your body converts the melatonin in your brain back into serotonin, waking you up.

Even the smallest amount of light can interfere with this process, making it difficult to sleep, especially during the day. 

Because even the smallest amount of light has been found to affect this process, a sleep mask can help you sleep better by blocking out light, even if you think your room is already dark. 

Because even the smallest amount of light can affect this process, we also suggest investing in a good contoured sleep mask that blocks out all light, not a cheap sleep mask that lets light in around the sides and nose area.

Sleep Masks Can Reduce Distractions

Your technology and toys can distract you and keep you awake at night with blue light. 

It's tempting to look at your phone to check what time it is when you're having difficulties falling asleep, only to end up browsing through your social media account for the next hour. 

Sleep masks prevent you from opening your eyes, looking around your room and spotting a tempting distraction.

Building on the last tip about sleep masks and your brain converting melatonin to serotonin when it’s dark, a neat trick I find to fall asleep easily with a sleep mask, is to wear the sleep mask and open your eyes. 

This will trick your brain into thinking it’s dark, which should help increase the melatonin production. It also calms your mind as there is absolutely nothing to look at even though your eyes are open.

This trick works best if you have an eye mask that allows you to open and move your eyes freely while you are wearing it.

Sleep Masks can be Good for your Skin

Recent studies discovered that not getting enough sleep is linked to more fine lines and wrinkles around the face. 

But not getting enough sleep isn't the only reason you might get wrinkles. 

According to Dr. Brazzini, a dermatologist at Marylebone Clinic, we can also get wrinkles from the way we move our face while we sleep. 

If you lie down on your stomach or side, your skin and pillowcase are touching. When you move in your sleep, they rub on each other, which can cause the collagen in your skin to break down. 

If you sleep on your side or stomach and are worried about your skin, a sleep mask can be used to protect the sensitive skin, especially around your eye area, where wrinkles appear. 

The sleep mask acts as a barrier between your skin and the pillow, protecting your skin from rubbing on the pillowcase and causing collagen breakdown. 

We suggest using a silk sleep mask if you are concerned about your skin.

Our silk sleep mask also has the 100% blockout, and ability to move your eyes freely, that tie in with the previous 2 reasons why a sleep eye mask is good for you.

Sleep Masks can Relieve Headaches

The most common sign of chronic migraines is sensitivity to light.

Anyone who has experienced migraines knows that they can be terrible in the middle of the day when it's tough to locate a dark room to rest, especially in tropical countries such as Australia, where sunlight is harsh. 

A sleep eye mask can give you the break from harsh light that you need. If you don’t have a dark room you can go to and rest, you can quickly and easily relieve an approaching migraine with a sleep mask instead.

Sleep Masks can Prevent Dry Eyes

When you sleep with the air-condition on, it can make your eyes feel dry and irritated when you wake up. 

An air purifier can help your space feel more balanced by adding moisture back into the air. But air purifiers can be expensive and require a lot of care to maintain and clean. 

Even though a sleep mask can't add moisture to your home, it can help the hydration around your eyes accumulate, keeping them moisturised. It can also keep dust and allergens out of them.

Sleep Masks are Convenient for Travel

Sleep eye masks are excellent for people who want to sleep, especially on planes or while traveling. They are also great for office workers who want to take a nap on their break. They pair well with travel neck pillows for the best possible sleep on flights. 

Going to sleep quickly in a dark room with your preferred pillow is one thing, but it's not always possible, especially while traveling. 

Leaving your usual comforts behind can make it hard to sleep, and it isn't just because your hotel room isn’t dark and the beds rock hard. 

The Sleep Foundation says that when you are away from home your body goes into "nocturnal alert" mode, which makes it more challenging to sleep.

So while a sleep mask can be good for you if your hotel room is too bright, you want to sleep during your flight without being woken up or take nap at the office, a sleep eye mask is also good for you as it can help create comfort and familiarity, reducing the impact “nocturnal alert” mode can have on you sleep while you are in an unfamiliar environment.

Sleep Masks are Good for You because they can Help Reduce Your Anxiety

If you have trouble sleeping because of worry, you understand why it is best to ensure your environment is right.  

By adding a sleep eye mask to your bedtime routine, you have more control over your environment and create a more familiar routine and environment.

Not only do sleep masks create a more relaxing and familiar routine, but studies also found that people who used weighted blankets slept better and had fewer anxiety and depression symptoms. 

The deep pressure stimulation from weighted blankets can help calm the nervous system. Sleep masks can also create the feeling of comforting pressure like weighted blankets.

Sleep Masks are Affordable

We all know money problems can keep you awake at night, and that there’s always something new to spend your money on. 

Not only are sleep masks good for you and your sleep, they are good for your wallet. 

Sleep eye masks are much less expensive than blackout curtains and other sleep aids. 

Even though blackout curtains and sleep masks do the same job, sleep masks are far more affordable than block-out curtains.

That’s not the only thing. People are spending $100’s on rings and other devices to track and improve their sleep, but not only are they far more expensive than sleep masks, they are not as effective at improving your sleep either.

The most important thing to help you sleep better is blocking out light. A ring can tell you if you had a bad sleep, but it cannot block out light and actually help you have a better sleep like a sleep mask can.

Using a Sleep Mask is Safe

Some people have trouble sleeping, so they take sleeping pills to help them sleep better. 

But taking these medicines regularly can cause side effects that are hard to get rid of, and in most cases, can't be undone. 

There's even a chance of taking too many, getting addicted or becoming dependent on them. 

Not only is wearing a sleep mask while you sleep an easy and cheap way to help you sleep better, it is also safer and healthier than taking sleeping pills.

Sleep Masks can Help You Relax

If you sometimes have difficulty falling asleep, or it's a common problem for you, a sleep mask can help limit any extra "noise" in your brain. 

Even if you close your eyes, you can sometimes still see or feel the things around you. 

Sleep eye masks block out some of your senses, so you aren’t distracted by light and the things around you.


Here’s a quick summary of the 10 reasons why sleep eye masks are good for you. 

  1. Sleep Eye Masks Improve Your Sleep Quality 
  2. Sleep Masks Can Reduce Distractions
  3. Sleep Masks can be Good for your Skin
  4. Sleep Masks can Relieve Headaches
  5. Sleep Masks can Prevent Dry Eyes
  6. Sleep Masks are Convenient for Travel
  7. Sleep Masks are Good for You because they can Help Reduce Your Anxiety
  8. Sleep Masks are Affordable
  9. Using a Sleep Mask is Safe
  10. Sleep Masks can Help You Relax

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