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Best Phone Apps To Help You Get Better Sleep

Sleep is a core part of our daily line of activities as humans, usually reserved for nighttime. Without it, our bodies tend to malfunction and even force a shut down to enable us to take the necessary amount of rest we need. But it’s not unusual that you’ll sometimes struggle to find good sleep. 

Distractions, anxiety and stress are some of the main reasons that you may find it hard to sleep or go through low quality levels of rest. About six out of every ten adults complain that they have one or more sleeping problems. The good news is that your smartphone may just be the solution to all your poor sleep.

There are dozens of mobile apps that help you achieve better overall rest. Through exciting, innovative tech features, you can track sleep, shut off distractions and bright lights or trigger sleep-inducing sounds while you rest. 

At Love Nightshift, here are some trusted apps that would improve your rest patterns. You can also find recommendations for other products that would enhance your sleep.

Best Sleeping Applications

What Types Of Sleeping Apps Are Available?

There are different types of sleep-enhancing software serving several unique purposes. Below is a sneak peek into some of the most common categories popular among smartphone and tablet users. 

Sleep Trackers

As the name suggests, these apps do not directly make you sleep, but measure the quality and length of your sleep time. They record movement and sounds while you rest to determine how well your body is relaxed. Other advanced modes of this sleeping app category can detect ECG and eye-movement for a better analysis. 

White Noise Emitters

Here, you’ll find apps that leverage music and sounds to enhance your sleeping patterns. With dozens of ASMR sounds, calm songs and white noise to choose from, you are sure to enjoy better sleep and relaxation.

Meditation Tasks

Some of us sleep better by preparing our brains for rest. That’s why some apps offer tasks and activities that get you into a state of meditation. Complete missions, receive yoga instruction and read tips for better sleep


These storytelling apps narrate interesting tales to calm your anxiety and lead you into better sleep. Just think of what a bedtime story does to a four-year-old and you’ll see how useful storytelling apps can get.

How Do Sleeping Apps Work?

Understanding how a sleeping app works begins with knowing its purpose. For instance, a sleep tracking app collects your sleep data through accelerometers and motion sensors. This way, they measure how much movement you make while sleeping to determine the quality of the rest period. 

Similar apps may also record your snoring patterns and heartbeat activity. All these factors are analyzed to determine how good and how long you slept. Some apps are more focused on enhancing your sleep through stimulating sounds. Known as white noise app, they release soothing audio that can lull adults to a peaceful sleep.

Sleep Tracking Sleeping App 

Do Sleeping Apps Work?

One of the most common concerns among smartphone users who struggle finding quality sleep is about the effectiveness of sleeping apps. This, again, depends on the function of the app. Many users agree that sleep trackers are quite accurate in their measurements of how long you sleep. In turn, you can use this info to enhance your sleeping habits and have a better rest plan.

Other app categories similarly work well but they have different levels of effectiveness in each user. While some individuals are naturally receptive to ASMR sounds and white noise, others are not. So, while sleeping apps may generally serve their purpose, it is important that you discover which software perfectly fits your body system. 

How To Use A Sleeping App?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to using a sleeping app. Instead, you should approach each mobile software based on the intended purpose. However, all apps are pretty easy to use without any prior experience or technical knowledge. 

With most sleep trackers, they automatically detect sleep when your mobile phone is inactive and there is no bright light. Other apps like white noise emitters and meditation software require you to put them to work. You can do this by scrolling through the menu and selecting suitable sounds or tasks that will help you sleep. 

Best Sleeping Apps Available For Download

A large number of the population struggle with some sleep problems, and as always mobile technology has come to the rescue. Here are some handpicked apps that can help enhance your sleep and allow you to hibernate faster.

Calm Sleeping App


This app offers you meditation tasks, sleep encouragement and bedtime stories. It also has a large number of sounds and breathing exercises to help you sleep better. 

Headspace Sleeping App


With a focus on pre-sleep meditation and reducing anxiety, Headspace tracks your sleep and meditation progress. It has programs that you can subscribe to as a means of improving restfulness.

Sleep Cycle Sleeping App

Sleep Cycle 

Another top recommended app by smartphone users is Sleep Cycle. This app tracks your sleep through a microphone which monitors your breathing. 

Insight Timer Sleeping App

Insight Timer

There are thousands of soft songs and white noise sounds in this app that helps you sleep better. Insight Timer and all other apps are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

Other Tools To Help You Sleep

While apps may be a good start to improving your sleep patterns, they work best with other non-mobile sleep-enhancing tools. At Love Nightshift, we are committed to powering better sleep through innovative devices. Below are some of our main products that can help you sleep well.

Love Nightshift Sleep Mask Australia

Sleep Masks

You can wear our sleep masks to protect your eyes from bright light while you sleep. They help relax your brain and put it in rest mode.

"Our sleeping mask blocks out 100% of light which helps put your body into a state where you will convert serotonin into melatonin and naturally drift off to sleep."

Love Nightshift White Noise Machine Australia

White Noise Machine

As you already know, these sounds help lull you to sleep and make your bedtime experience more pleasant.

"Consistent white noise, like the crashing waves of the ocean, rain hitting the roof or the sound of a fan, can often be more relaxing, and make it easier to sleep, than the empty silence of total quiet."

Love Nighshift Sleeping Earplugs Australia


Shut out unwanted sounds and have a silent, peaceful sleep when you use our highly effective and comfortable earplugs.

You can also use other products like glasses, pillow spray and sleep tea to improve your overall rest experience. Simply visit the Love Nightshift online shop today and your sleep will thank you.

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