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Get Better Sleep With Sleep Earplugs

If you have not been enjoying quality sleep time, you might need some help getting your healthy sleep back. Science has proven that noise reduces the quality of your sleep. If noise is what has taken your quality sleep away, there is a straightforward solution.

Earplugs are a simple way to handle external noise disturbing your sleep. Whether you are out camping, or you need to shut out the noise from a neighbor’s apartment, earplugs would work for you. If you get quality earplugs, they would effectively shut out the disturbing noise, and you would still hear your alarm clock or any emergency sounds. 

In this article, we share a guide to everything you need to know about earplugs, how to know quality ones and more helpful information.


Love Nightshift Sleep Earplugs


When you should use Sleeping Earplugs

There are many reasons to use sleeping earplugs. If, at any time, you notice that your quality sleep is being disturbed by noise, you should get earplugs. This small action could go a long way in preventing a terminal illness in the future. Science has shown that unhealthy sleep sustained over a long time can cause health problems.

Not everyone is disturbed by noise from the environment when they need to sleep. This could be because they live in a quiet region, so at night when they need to sleep, there is no disturbance. Also, some people are naturally heavy sleepers; they can sleep through the most disturbing experiences. If neither of these is the case for you, then you should use sleeping earplugs.

Light sleepers living in noisy environments usually battle insomnia. Insomnia is caused by different factors, but sometimes the problem might just be the neighbor’s dog that never stops barking. 

When the problem is so simple, it would be unreasonable to resort to sleeping medication or other complex solutions just to get your sleep back. Anyone in this type of situation should just try sleeping earplugs. They are like a shortcut to solving sleeping difficulties.

Love NIghtshift Sleep Earplugs

What to look for in Sleeping Earplugs

When getting sleeping earplugs, you need to ensure that they are going to work well for you. The best products are easy to use, comfortable, and give users the best noise reduction. Here are some things to observe when selecting which product to use.


Depending on the manufacturer, earplugs could be built for single use or built to be reused multiple times. This feature affects the cost and build of the earplugs. Single-use earplugs are always cheaper because they are built to be disposable. Reusable earplugs are a lot more durable, but they require maintenance. The ear is a sensitive body part, so proper hygienic practices are necessary when using earplugs.

We recommend single-use earplugs over reusable ones. This is because they are cheaper to get, and they don’t require maintenance. It’s easy to maintain clean ears when you don’t have to keep remembering to clean your plugs thoroughly.


Earplugs are built with different materials. As we mentioned, reusable plugs are built with durable materials. However, even among the single-use plugs, there are still different builds available. Manufacturers could use silicone, latex, wax, or foam. The most commonly used material for single-use plugs is foam.

Some users might be allergic to a certain build, and some just find a specific build comfortable. Ensure you get earplugs that match your personal preference for what you would like to have in your ear while you sleep.

Best Sleep Earplugs

Noise Reduction

Noise reduction is an essential feature to consider when purchasing earplugs. All products in this category reduce noise to some extent. If you are only interested in blocking out some distant noise, you can select a product with low noise reduction. Generally, earplugs have a noise reduction rating between 22 and 33 decibels.

If you need to shut out some extra loud noise like machines or something similar, you should check for plugs with really high NRR.

Affordability and Comfort

Earplugs are supposed to be a simple solution to solving insomnia. Ideally, there is no need to break the bank purchasing earplugs. This is one reason why we recommend disposable plugs over reusable ones. Disposable plugs would get the job done at a lower cost than reusable plugs. 

However, do not compromise on quality when purchasing these products. Blocking out external noise with uncomfortable plugs would not give you healthy sleep.

Best Sleeping Earplugs Love Night Shift

Best Sleeping Earplugs

The best sleeping earplugs are affordable, comfortable, and effective. Love Nightshift's Sleep Earplugs meet all the criteria for what users need to look out for when getting plugs. These plugs have a comfortable silicon build. They are easy to slip into the ear, and then they expand to block out the noise. The expansion rate here was purposely designed to be slow, so users don’t have to rush to place the product in their ears.

If you want to improve your sleep without breaking the bank, these earplugs are the exact product you need.

Love Nightshift Sleeping Earplugs Reviews

"First time using this item, I have used other brands of sleeping ear plugs in the past and none were as good quality as these! Plus there are so many in the packet and are all individually wrapped! They blocked out nosy boyfriend snoring, airplanes flying over. I felt so refreshed after night shift, will order again!" ~ Sarah K.

"Nicely presented package really great soft quality." ~ Kristy M.

"These ear plugs really do block out all noise. I’m typically a very light sleeper and wake up to small noises, however these ear plugs help me sleep all night. Will be ordering more!" ~ Lily

Final Thoughts

Sleep is too important to your overall health to be messed with. If you experience difficulty getting quality sleep, try using sleeping earplugs. They have worked for many people, and they should work for you.

Consider all the important factors we have listed when getting your sleeping plugs. Love Nightshift's product is a great option to use to start improving your sleep. For an even better sleeping experience, you can try using our sleep masks too.

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