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Sleep White Noise Machine
Sleep White Noise Machine

Sleep White Noise Machine




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Join 10,000+ Happy Customers Getting the Best Possible Sleep

Join 10,000+ happy Australian customers getting the best possible sleep with our white noise machine for adults.


There's nothing better than sleeping when it rains

We all know how nice it is to sleep when it's raining. The consistent and pleasant sound of the rain is often more relaxing than total silence. 

Our adults white noise machine aims to recreate that perfect sleep environment. 

Consistent white noise, like the crashing waves of the ocean, rain hitting the roof or the sound of a fan, can often be more relaxing, and make it easier to sleep, than the empty silence of total quiet.

It gives you something consistent and relaxing to listen to and distract you, rather than silence, inconsistent noises, and your racing thoughts. 

Re-create that perfect stormy night, every night, with our Sleep White Noise Machine for Adults.

Hide and cover up distracting and annoying noises

We all know how hard it can be to sleep in total silence, especially when you really need to sleep and are lying there awake with your mind racing struggling to fall asleep.

Even worse if you are trying to sleep during the day and everyone else is awake and doing things. No matter how quiet they try to be, you can still hear them.

Your ears are tuned to hear even the smallest sound, which could distract you from falling asleep, or worse, wake you up once you are already asleep.

Instead of trying to sleep in total silence, hide and cover up the silence with a consistent and pleasant white noise.

Stylish Design

The classy, minimalist, design of our adults white noise machine makes it fit perfectly into any home.

It is constructed from quality materials and finished to the highest standard.

You can tell when you first pick this white noise machine up that it is a serious device, designed to help adults sleep better.

30 Classic Sleep Sounds, 1 Premium Speaker

Our adults white noise machine is not filled with kids sounds, and silly songs.

We hand selected 30 of the most relaxing and consistent sounds we could find.

All of the classic sounds you may expect to listen to when you are struggling to sleep.

5 different fan sounds, 5 different rain storms, 5 different ocean sounds, 5 nature sounds, 5 white noise sounds, and a heartbeat, meditation gong, hypnotic sound and a lullaby just in case.

All of these sounds are played through the large high quality speaker.

With 36 different volume levels, you can change the sound from all the way from a low whisper, to so loud that you could probably hide the sound of almost anything.

6 Different Sound Categories

Choose from 6 different classic and relaxing sound categories.

Each category has 5 different sounds to choose from, for a total of 30 unique sounds.


Some people can't sleep without having a fan on due to how pleasant the sound can be while you are trying to sleep. With 5 different soothing and relaxing fan sounds to choose from, you will find the perfect one to help you drift off to sleep.

Rain Storms

There is nothing better than going to sleep when it is raining. Choose from 5 different storms, some with thunder, and re-create that perfect stormy night sleep environment. This sound is perfect when there is a lot of noise outside because you can have it loud like a real storm to hide other noises really well.


We all know what it's like listening to the soothing sound of the ocean while you sleep. Now you don't need to pay millions for a house near the beach to have the crashing waves of the ocean sooth you to sleep, you can enjoy the sound every night no matter where you live, with our white noise machine.


There is something so relaxing about listening to the beauty of nature. The sound of wind rushing through trees and birds singing can calm anyone down, putting a smile on their face when they are stressed.


5 different hypnotic heartbeat sounds for you to focus on until you fall into a deep hypnotic slumber.

White Noise

It wouldn't be a white noise machine if it didn't have a white noise feature. 5 different tones and frequencies of consistent white noise you can use to cover the silence and hide outside noises with while you sleep.

Create a Relaxing Sleep Environment

Our white noise machine helps you create a relaxing sleep environment by playing your choice of 30 relaxing sleep sounds.

30 Sounds, 36 Volume Levels

With a choice of of 30 relaxing sounds you are sure to find one perfect for you.

Adjust the volume to the perfect level with 36 volume levels to choose from. 

Automatic Timer

Set it to automatically turn off after 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or let it play indefinitely while you sleep.

High Quality Speaker

We chose the highest quality speaker we could so that the sounds would play clearly and pleasantly.

Seamless Infinite Playback

Our sounds play on an infinite seamless loop. This means they can play all night while you sleep, without distracting gaps and noises as the sounds loop. Some other devices do this which can be distracting while you try to sleep, or worse ,wake you up.

Portable Size

Our white noise machine is a portable size which means you can take it with you when you travel.

Universal USB Power Source

It is powered by USB which means you can plug it into a USB wall plug (not included), a power bank or a laptop in any country.

Frequently Asked Questions

We all know how nice it is to sleep when it's raining. The consistent and pleasant sound of the rain is more relaxing than total silence.

Our white noise machine aims to re-create that perfect sleep environment. 

It gives you something consistent and relaxing to listen to and distract you rather than silence, inconsistent noises, and your racing thoughts.

It also has the added benefit of covering up annoying and distracting sounds like footsteps which could distract you while trying to fall asleep or worse, wake you up.

So yes, we think it will help you sleep better.

Yes! Our white noise machine has a headphone jack so you can listen to white noise through your headphones.

There are 5 sounds in each category and 6 categories. 30 sounds total.

This should be more than enough to find the perfect sound for you.

The categories are:


Forest and Birds

Rain and Thunder Storms



White Noise

Yes, there are 36 volume level so you can find the perfect setting for your sleep.

Yes. There is a self timer so you can set it to turn off after 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or let it play all night.

No. One of the best thing about this white noise machine is that the sounds do not skip or loop. 

Some other machines have a noise or a gap when the sound loops which can wake you up or be very distracting when you are trying to sleep.

Ours doesn't do that, it has seamless infinite playback. 

The machine comes with a USB plug. It does not include a wall plug. 

You can plug it into your existing USB wall plugs like a phone charger, or a power bank or laptop.

We are so confident that it will improve your sleep that if after using it you do not feel that it has improved your sleep we will give you a full refund.

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