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Love Nightshift Discount Codes

Looking for a Love Nightshift discount? Having trouble finding a working Love Nightshift promo code? 

We know some of our products are pricier than what you’ll find on some store shelves, and we understand that discounts can make it easier to try Love Nightshift products.

At the same time, as a small Australian business, discounting can threaten our ability to bring our customers the best quality products possible. We don’t compromise on quality.

Our luxury sleep masks are designed to be 100% light blocking and as comfortable as possible. We designed them from the ground up and they are made in small batches.

The lenses in our glasses are not only quality enough to pass safety standards, they also block out blue-light and have a special coating that prevents them from fogging up. In the package we include a hard protective case that folds up, a soft cloth, and a soft carry bag. You could easily pay $140 for sunglasses that don't include half of these features. 

Discounting affects our ability to make the quality products our customers love, without having to increase prices to offset losses from discounts.
That said, we do offer 10% off to anyone who signs up to our emails. 10% off is the maximum discount you will find anywhere for our products.
Occasionally we will do higher ones for events like Black Friday, but they will only be for existing customers and those on our email lists. 
So if you want 10% off, enter your email below to get your code. 
If you want a higher discount, you will need to wait and hope that we send you an email on Black Friday. I can promise you, you will not find a working code for more than 10% off anywhere else.