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5 Reasons Why Aussie Paramedics Use This Sleep Mask To Get Better Sleep After Their NightShifts 😴

By Lauren G.

Last Updated Sept 27, 2023

1. It Blocks Out 100% of Light So You Naturally Drift Off to Sleep

Imagine getting 6, 7, or even 8 hours of sleep after your shift. This sleep mask makes it possible because darkness signals your body’s internal clock, known as the circadian rhythm, that it’s time for rest. What happens is that the pineal gland in your brain produces a hormone called melatonin in response to darkness.

2. It Has a Contoured Eye Area That Won't Put Pressure On Your Eyes

Unlike other sleep masks that put pressure on your eyes, this sleep mask allows your eyes to move freely during the R.E.M. stage of your sleep cycle. This helps prevent sleep interruptions and you wake up rested after a long shift.

3. The Plush Memory Foam Padding Shapes To Your Face

Forget about those annoying, irritating, and uncomfortable sleep masks! This sleep mask is made with the softest and highest quality memory foam, molding to your face shape, making it comfortable and lighter than most masks out there.

4. Designed to withstand daily use for years

It’s true it seems pricey. But is it? The hundreds of reviews all have one thing in common: ” it was worth it” — the cost of this sleep mask spread out over years is next to nothing compared to the quality of sleep you’ll get.

5. It will fit you. Period

Small or big head, the non-velcro, adjustable strap allows you to tighten or loosen it as much as you like. It’s also designed with side sleepers in mind.

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  • Blissfully oversleeping ❤️

    I purchased a couples pack, one for me, one for my son on his 3rd year Paramedic placement. I’ve tried other face masks which definitely improved my sleep. I now drift off to sleep quickly and sleep deeply and ohh so restfully. My son rang after his first shift, no hello mum just Oh.My.God, thank you mum. Happy days 😍😍

    - Greg S

  • Best sleep

    I purchased the eye mask for my daughter who is a paramedic. With changing rosters and having to sleep during the day, she has told me she has had the best sleep ever, before her night shift, since I gave them to her.

    - Michelle S.

  • Sleep mask

    Love it that much, I ordered /gifted one to my friend who works night duty and she loves it too! So soft you don’t even know you’re wearing it! I always sleep well 😴

    - Linda C.

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