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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

We have 1000's of happy customers who write incredible reviews on social media without us asking them to. Not only is this crucial to our success it is why we started this business in the first place. We love hearing how much we have helped people to sleep better.

Unfortunately it is impossible to make a mask that will fit everyone, and it is impossible to please everyone, which is why we have our return policy.

We are not in this business to leave any of our customers unhappy just to make a profit, we have enough happy customers to keep us going.

We have never denied anybody a refund who has asked for one, all we ask is that you are polite, respectful and that you return the mask to us so we cannot be taken advantage of. We also appreciate all feedback so we can work on improving our products.



If our mask does not help you sleep or you do not like your mask for any reason you are able to return it within a reasonable amount of time. 

Our return policy officially states 30 days but we are lenient.

If for example the mask was a Christmas gift ordered in November, we would be happy to accept any returns within 30 days of Christmas. 

The mask can most certainly be in used condition, we would prefer you gave it a good try for 30 days before returning it.


The return process is simple. Send us an email or use the "Contact Us" page on our site. 

In the email state your order number and the reason you would like to return your product. We will use this information to improve our mask so please be constructive.

We will then send you the return address (Which is in Australia).

You can then send the mask back to us with your order number or some other way to identify it as yours.

Once we receive your return your refund will be credited to you via the payment method you used. 

For example, if you paid via credit card your money would go back onto your credit card. If you paid via PayPal the money would go back into your Paypal account. If you paid via Afterpay, any future payments will be cancelled and any payments already made will be returned to your bank account.

If you still have any questions about our refund policy or would like a refund, please contact us here: